ALEAS Board Team Meeting

Agile Glossary

ALEAS Board Virtual collaboration software
Backlog A list of the tasks which have to be completed in order to create, maintain and sustain a product, managed by the Product Owner / Product Owner Team
Burn Down Ratio Percentage of completed (DoD) deliverables during SPRINT
Definition of Done Agreed list of activities and states, which need to be fulfilled such that a deliverable or task is considered complete
Deliverable A high-level complete work package, state or document; measurable; often related to process and milestones, always goal-oriented
Masterplan Project overall plan showing the planned deliverables and dependencies per role or development team; contains a lot of other useful information such as the critical path, milestones etc. and is the backbone for the project
Planning Game Method for collaborative planning focused on goals and outcomes that generates a deep understanding of the plan among all participating team members
Product Owner The product owner‘s goal is to make the product a success, helps to resolve deadlocks by setting priorities for SPRINT, decides if team cannot decide
Product Owner Team (POT) See Product Owner; consists of Project Manager, Architect and Product Manager; depends on project
Retrospective The Sprint Retrospective occurs after the Sprint Review (Lessons Learned, what went well, what do we need to improve, commitment for next SPRINT); it is important to choose a format that is appropriate for the current context/challenge
Scrum Master Responsible for the Scrum Meeting, protects the team (backlog management, removes obstacles, escalates issues if necessary, etc.), primary goal: ensure the success of the SPRINT
Scrum Meeting Max. 15-minute meeting on-site or online, focus: “getting things done”, makes progress in the project visible and creates 100% transparency in the team, facilitates coordination of dependencies and removal of obstacles
SPRINT Short development and learning cycle in which development teams plan and implement the Masterplan deliverables assigned to them in small and consistent work packages
SPRINT Contract Major deliverables, learning and risk goals jointly defined and agreed on during the global SPRINT planning (including cross-dependencies)
SPRINT Planning Meeting of 3-4 hours for the planning and definition of the upcoming SPRINT according to the SPRINT Contract, central method: Planning Game
SPRINT Review At the end of a SPRINT: present implemented features, discuss general issues, Lessons Learned, improvement proposals
STAGILE® Best practice hybrid framework for agile (project) management; STAGILE® is a a trademark of ALEAS AG