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Agile Multi-Project Management

ALEAS Projects

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ALEAS Projects

Keep your projects on track - with ALEAS Projects, the tool for agile multi-project management.

ALEAS Projects is a multi-talent and perhaps the most powerful tool for agile multi-project management. We offer you modular software that makes all project-relevant company data available in a clear and transparent way. Nevertheless, ALEAS Projects is high-performance, easy to use and always up-to-date.

  • AGILE: With ALEAS Projects you gain an overview of all projects, budgets and resources. This allows you to react flexibly to new conditions and make quick decisions.
  • EASY-TO-USE: ALEAS Projects is deliberately designed to be simple and intuitive. The user interface with Excel-like input makes it possible to plan a project within minutes.
  • TRANSPARENT: Through the connection of ERP and HR systems (e.g. SAP), data is available in real time and always up to date. Complex merging of data is a thing of the past.

Challenges in portfolio management

Data is a valuable currency today, but managing and using it efficiently and profitably presents a challenge for many companies. Many companies use agile methods for projects, but the tools used are task-based, complicated and cumbersome to use. A confusing spreadsheet jungle requires complex data merging to get a complete overview, the relevant data is never up-to-date and fast decisions are virtually impossible. With ALEAS Projects we can solve all these problems.

Multi-project management made easy

With ALEAS Projects you can bring together all company data from different systems, such as SAP or Navision. With just a few clicks you know how and where your resources are planned, how many employees are working on which projects, whether your budgets are on target, where capacities are left and where bottlenecks are imminent. And all this in real time, always and everywhere. Especially powerful is the scenario planning function, with which you will increase the efficiency in your company after a short time. Guaranteed!

ALEAS Projects Modules

ALEAS Projects Module

Resource & Roadmap Planner

  • Different views for employees, team leaders and managers (My Allocation, My Team Allocation and Roadmap view).
  • Thanks to the ERP program connection, important data is available in real time, so the entire organization is always up to date.
  • Filter functions: Quickly filter by location, project type, user, business unit and more.
  • Plan/actual comparison for past projects.
  • Utilization of employees/competencies visible at a glance.


The dashboard can be customized with predefined elements:

  • System generated data (project news)
  • KPI and report widgets (individually configurable)
  • General news (data entered manually by the users)

Admin area

  • Management of employees, projects, competencies, locations etc.
  • Individual organizational structure for your company
  • Allocation of access rights according to user role
  • Administration of controlling-relevant data (cost centers, cost types, currencies, hourly rates, budgets)
  • Management of system relevant data

ALEAS Board Integration (coming soon)

Synchronization with ALEAS Board:

  • Special template frames display current project data from ALEAS Projects.
  • Project status can be updated directly in the ALEAS Board.
  • Resource planning can also be done in the linked board.
  • Data is synchronized in real-time (in both directions).

Data security

  • Hosting: ALEAS Projects can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises, giving you absolute control over your data.
  • Seamless integration: ALEAS Projects can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure. Thanks to the included AD connection (Microsoft Active Directory®) new users can be created automatically.
  • Scaling: ALEAS Projects is suitable for companies of all sizes. Your organization can be individually mapped, including cost centers and different currencies.

Your benefits at a glance


ALEAS Projects has been in use in various companies for over 15 years and is continuously adapted.


With different filters and a variety of sorting and exporting functions, you can create reports in no time at all.


No user limits, support of multiple locations, easy implementation of additional functions.


Integration of various ERP and time recording systems, connection to ALEAS Board.


Overview of all projects and the whole project organisation including available resources at any time.


All relevant elements for multi project management integrated in one solution.

User centered

Different views for every user (team leader, steering committee, manager, project leader, team member, etc.)

Up to date

Collaborate and track changes in real time thanks to instant data synchronizing.

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