Kudo Cards for Remote Teams

Kudo Cards (also know as Rippas, HERO Awards or Appreciation Cards) are an increasingly popular way to facilitate thanks and appreciation within teams or organizations. You can read more about how we use Kudo Cards as part of the STAGILE® framework to improve feedback culture on our blog.

On the STAGILE® Board you can discover Kudo Cards in the Sprint Collector. During the Sprint team members have the possibility to note down successes and ideas in this section, but also appreciation and praise (in the form of Kudo Cards).

You can order our popular Kudo cards for physical boards in the ALEAS Shop.

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Kudos are usually a written and public expression of thanks for a colleague, displayed on a Kudo wall or stored in a Kudo box. In times of Covid-19 more and more teams started to work remotely, however, and therefore need a way to bring their Kudo culture into the digital collaboration space. After all, intentionally acknowledging each other’s achievements is even more important if you can’t say “thank you” personally.

With ALEAS Board you can easily transfer your physical appreciation wall onto a digital canvas. Thanks to complete flexibility in designing your board layout you have multiple options for displaying your Kudos. We have created two example boards including free templates which you can download below.

1. Kudo Stickies

Create a Kudo Wall template or download the free template below. Then place your sticky notes, each representing a Kudo Card, onto the board. The sticky owner is the receiver, the assignee the sender of the compliment. You can enhance your Kudo Stickies with emojis, which you can simply insert with copy and paste, for example from https://getemoji.com

2. Kudos Cards

You could also create a virtual Kudo Wall by uploading your Kudo Card templates to ALEAS Board and writing your message on them using the Pen Tool. You can upload any type of image or a pdf file.